Minnetrista is offering a new workshop series that allows families to learn together, called the "You and Me" workshop.

Ashley Mann, discovery and engagement manager at Minnetrista, said in the past, parents would try to bring their children, but because of how the teaching style was designed, Minnetrista could not allow children to attend. Instead, the You and Me workshop was created. 

“These workshops also follow closely with our strategic plan that we have developed which focus on generational family experiences,” Mann said.

This year, both a canning and glass workshop will be adapted for the series. From 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. Saturday, the first workshop will be held.

Cara Nichol, learning engagement manager for Minnetrista, said children’s workshops take more strategy to plan because the subjects have to keep them engaged and interested as they work. 

Nichol will be teaching the second class on how to build a glass tic-tac-toe board, and the first will be an applesauce canning workshop taught by Rachel Foster, a staff member at Minnetrista.

With these workshops, Mann said Minnetrista wanted to help families create memories they can cherish while also giving them skills they can use outside of the workshops. 

“Once we show them a skill, they can take it home with them, it isn’t something that stays in the workshop,” Mann said. “We want people to try these activities at home together.”

In 2018, Minnetrista is hoping to add more workshops to the series, along with their other family events like building fairy and gingerbread houses.

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