Hannah Schau is a sophomore journalism major and writes "Hannah's Hot Topics" for the Daily News. Her views do not necessarily agree with those of the newspaper. Write to Hannah at hschau@bsu.edu.

Hannah Schau

With the summer gone and the school year in full swing, we all hunker down for colder days to come. But as the leaves change and we pull on our flannels, we should get excited for Autumn. Here are the five things we should all be excited for. 

The weather

Being able to walk to class and not show up drenched in sweat is the best feeling ever. Not only walking to class, but just being outside feels great. You can also do your hair and not worrying about the humidity messing it up five minutes after you walk outside.


Going to a game and tailgating or even having a football party at home with friends and family is hands down the best thing about fall. No matter if you actually pay attention to football or not, getting dressed up to root for your favorite team is a lot of fun.

Flannels and sweaters

When you’re in college putting the least amount of effort into an outfit as possible is key. You can wake up, throw on a flannel or an oversized sweater with leggings and not only be comfortable the entire day, but also look like you put some effort into it. It’s great.

Halloween and Thanksgiving

Halloween parties and stuffing your face with grandma’s home cooking. Enough said.

Fall activities

Apple picking, getting pumpkins, hay rides, mazes, haunted houses, and most, of all laying around with your significant other watching Netflix.