1. "Leotards become your best friend." - Helen Sorensen, junior. 

Regular clothes are overrated to you because changing back and forth becomes a hassle.

2. "You create relationships that you couldn't create any other way." - Hannah St. Aubin, junior.

You express yourself differently from other people, so constantly interacting with others who create art in the same way creates strong bonds.

3. "No matter where you go, everyone always knows your presence because you project a sense of energy." - Ciara Borg, junior.

You have an understanding of yourself that you tap into each day when you dance, so you are more aware of yourself and others.

4. "You can pretend anywhere is a stage, regardless of who is watching." - Sorensen.

Constantly watched and evaluated by professors, you seem to gorget that the stage doesn't follow you wherever you go.

5. "There is no doubt you are sporting the ballet bun." Madison Baker, senior.

Practice is a huge part of your life, so there is no time for loose hair.

6. "Sometimes you move your body in ways that most people didn't realize you could." - Levi Coy, junior.

Between stretches and disciplinary exercises, you are always pushing your body to it's limits. 

7. "You would rather express your emotions through your art." - Coy.

Dancers are supposed to channel their emotions into a character and piece to bring the art to life, but sometimes dancing is the best way for you to express any of your emotion. 

8. "Constantly determined and on the go, sleep is far from a necessity." Alexandria Koontz, junior.

You have to work non-stop, even if that means staying in the studio until 3 a.m. to learn a new technique, not to mention your academic work. 

9. "You get excited when a performance at University Theatre or Ball Gym counts as both credit and enjoyment." Bekka Ferguson, junior.

Practice constantly has you busy, so there would be no time for shows otherwise.

10. "You are never satisfied with where you are in your craft." Samantha Shoufler, sophomore.

There is always room to improve or new techniques to learn.

11. "Sometimes you forget what reality it is because you get so absorbed in a character." - Greta Linder, sophomore.

Dance creates an escape and can allow you to understand new places and make new discoveries through movement.

12. "You are vulnerable and willing to mold." Darcy Kummerow, sophomore.

As a dancer, you must be constantly changing with direction and style to accurately portray your character and message.