Comedian Dan Alten will discuss croutons, a dog named Meraki and bipolar medication in his performance 9:30 p.m. Wednesday at Be Here Now's Comedy Underground.

Dan Alten is a stand-up comedian who has traveled across the South and Midwest to entertain audiences with silly jokes and original material.

Alten said he hopes to bring an "adventure of the mind" to Be Here Now with a performance full of "twists and turns." 

Through comedy, Alten has learned to "be silly" and trust his instincts. He is always writing new jokes, expanding on old jokes and keeping track of previous performances in order to write his next set differently.

He enjoys finding aspects of his personality that make himself laugh and turning them into jokes that make others laugh.

The last time Alten performed at Be Here Now, he was happy to find that Comedy Underground was full of "cool people who are down for everything." Alten encourages newcomers to join him and experience comedy in a different way.

"When you're watching live, the comedian can tailor it to you," Alten said. "They're reaching to you as much as you're reaching to them."

Brockton Miller and Jacob Harter, producers of Comedy Underground at Be Here Now, asked Alten to return because they are confident he will create an engaging show for the audience. 

"We've seen him before, and he's hilarious, a professional comic," Miller said. "Alten brings a whole new level with his talent."

Miller also said that Be Here Now works hard to make Comedy Underground relaxing and fun. He hopes that having a friendly wait staff and "laid back vibes" will make everyone feel welcome. 

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