Welcome Week is when everyone returns to campus and freshmen move in. Along with emptying boxes comes a lot of partying, which keeps local law enforcement busy. 

Excise police, a division of the Alcohol and Tobacco commission, issued 62 citations and 25 warnings during welcome week. Most were for illegal possession and consumption of alcohol. 

Ball State Police also responded to several calls during Welcome Week, most dealing with intoxicated people, narcotics and possession of alcohol. 

Excise Police Citations and Warnings

48- Possession/Consumption/Transportation of Alcohol 

27- Traffic Violations and Warnings

7 - Aiding/Inducing a minor to possess alcohol

3- Possession of Marijuana

2- Fake ID related 

Ball State Police Department Cases

8- Intoxicated Persons

7- Narcotics

4- Illegal Possession of Alcohol

3- Theft

1- Public Intoxication