Mysch/Hurst and Woody/Shales halls have come tumbling down this summer as part of the $3.4 million demolition project of the LaFollette Complex. 

Even though demolition of some sections of the residence hall are coming to an end as classes begin, the LaFollette Brick Project is still going strong. 

The project was started in early June to celebrate the legacy of LaFollette, giving Ball State students, faculty, staff and alumni the chance to keep a brick from the largest residence hall complex on campus. Bricks are sold for $75.

So far the Office of Housing and Residence Life have sold roughly 175 bricks and raised $15,000 for the Thelma Miller Scholarship fund. Some people have donated more to the fund than the $75, said Ball State spokesperson Marc Ransford.

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For now, the university will continue to sell the bricks to raise money for the scholarship fund. 

"We do not have a set end date," Ransford said. "Depending on the interest, we will adjust accordingly."

If interested, bricks can be purchased here and will be shipped and received via USPS within 3-4 weeks.