Several sections of sidewalks are being removed throughout campus as construction is currently underway to repair a utility tunnel.

The sidewalk that runs along the south side of campus drive from Lucina Hall to the east side of the Administration Buildings is the top or ceiling of a utility tunnel, according to a email sent by Facilities Planning and Management. To make repairs to the tunnel several sections of sidewalks have and will  continue to be removed and replaced.

The four areas impacted by the tunnel repair work include:

  • Northwest of Lucina Hall with construction from June 6 through July 14.
  • North of the Administration Building northwest entrance with construction from June 6 through July 14. The entrance on the northwest side will be closed during this project. 
  • Northeast of Beneficent with construction from July 15 through August 18.
  • Northeast of Administration Building with construction from July 15 through August 18. The northeast entrance will remain open during this period of time.

During this project, multiple parking spaces will be blocked off from time to time, according to the email. Signs and barricades will be placed to help pedestrians around the construction areas. 

The Daily News has reached out to Ryan Koenker, facilities assessment coordinator, for more information on the tunnel repair project and is waiting for a response.