There are multiple construction/demolition projects going on around Ball State's campus this summer, leaving some streets and driveways closed off. 

Here's what you need to know:

  • Riverside Avenue is closed until August 4 between McKinley Avenue and Dicks Street.
  • Two blocks of Martin Street south of Riverside and Woodworth Drive, which leads from Riverside to the John R. Emens parking garage, also will both be permanently closed.
  • Demolition on parts of the LaFollette Complex will continue throughout this summer. Stop signs have been installed along the area to help construction traffic.
  • After the removal of the 'Gum Tree', the university has been working on a new driveway around the west end of Emens parking garage. This will be used for tractors and other service vehicles to have access to reach Woodworth residence hall. The only other way to reach that area is to drive through the parking garage.
  • The new Health Professions Building is underway at the corner of Riverside and Martin. The construction has permanently closed Martin between Riverside and Ashland avenues. The university has reported to break ground on the College of Health building later this month.
  • The two-year long project of the Johnson B Complex in the Schmidt/Wilson halls is now complete. The new hall will be open for students in the fall. 
  • Minor repairs on campus include: re-roofing of Noyer residence hall, Bracken Library masonry and roof repairs, masonry repairs for College of Architecture and Planning, roof replacement of the Service and Stores building, retrofitting the Scheumman Stadium light new lighting fixtures and bleacher replacement at Cardinal Creek Tennis Center.