All mothers deserve something special on Mother's Day besides a big breakfast and the ability to sleep in, so make your mom something by hand that she'll cherish. 

Here are some do-it-yourself gift ideas for Mom:

A Hand Painted "Mom" Mug

What you need: 

  • coffee mug 
  • different colored paints of your choosing  
  • round sponge brush

The first step is to put stickers on the mug spelling out "mom." From there, proceed to cover the mug in colored paints with the sponge brush.

Take the sponge brush and dot all over the mug while also covering the stickers. Once the paint has dried, carefully take the stickers off the mug.

On Mother's Day morning while making breakfast for your mom, fill it with coffee and let her enjoy her new, hand painted mug. 

Kisses For Mom

What you need:  

  • one ball mason jar
  • bag of Hershey's kisses
  • computer paper
  • a ribbon of your choosing
  • hole puncher.

The first step is to simply fill the jar with Hershey's kisses. From there, create a signature label saying, "Kisses for Mom," on Microsoft Word or Adobe InDesign.

Print off the new label and hole punch the upper left corner. Use a ribbon to tie the label around the top of the jar to give it a more decorative look.

Mother's Day Vase

What you need:

  • one quart sized ball mason jar 
  • family picture
  • spray paint  
  • a decorative sticker or label 
  • ribbon
  • tape or glue,
  • small glass or plastic cup 
  • flowers (fake or real)

The first step is to place the decorative sticker or label on the front of the jar. Then spray paint the jar.

Once it's dry, carefully remove the sticker or label used. Align the chosen photo, from the inside, to fit in where the sticker made a frame. Paste or tape the corners of the photo so it stays in place.

Add a decorative ribbon of your choosing around the top of the jar. Place the glass or plastic cup inside the jar. If using water for real flowers, do it carefully so it does not ruin the picture. Finding a way to secure the glass or cup is optional.

Place the flowers inside the cup of the vase and place it somewhere mom can enjoy it.

A Helping Hand Pot Holder

What you need: 

  • pot holder
  • two different colors of paint 
  • two different sized paint brushes.

The first step is to cover your or a younger sibling's hand in one of the paint choices with the wider bristled brush. Place the hand in the middle of the pot holder. Wait for it to dry.

Once it's dry, use the thinner bristled brush to paint, "Love," at the top of the pot holder. On the bottom of the pot holder, paint the person's name whose hand print is on it and put the year somewhere on it.

Little Wooden Jewelry or Keepsake Box

What you need: 

  • small wooden box that opens with a lid and a clamp to shut it
  • however many paints of your choosing
  • paint brush 
  • any other decorations wanted, such as stickers, jewels or ribbons

The only instructions is to simply be creative. Paint every inch of the box and then decorate it however you believe your mom would like it.