"While others run from what goes bump in the night, we run in!” That’s the slogan for Indiana Ghost O.P.S., a group of 17 men and women withan interest in the paranormal.

Indiana Ghost O.P.S. investigates any place, from businesses to well-known haunted buildings to potentially haunted houses.

“You have these groups that want to do it for the fame and glory, that’s not what we’re about,” Tim McMillan, Indiana Ghost O.P.S. founder, said. “We want to find scientific proof that there is something after life.”

McMillan and Barb Isenburg founded Indiana Ghost O.P.S. in 2011. They were members of another paranormal team in the past and decided to start their own to be able to investigate more often. Indiana Ghost O.P.S. members are of all ages. The team meets once a month to learn how to operate new equipment, review evidence and talk about future investigations.

McMillan, Isenburg, and member KK Sanders took interest in hunting the paranormal after experiencing encounters.

“That’s why we started in this biz in the first place,” Sanders said. “Because we all had personal experiences.”

The team has to pay to go investigate more well-known haunted places such as hospitals, jails and theaters. Investigations costs can range from $50 to $100 per team member and can be more expensive depending on the place and how long the team wants to stay and investigate. Indiana Ghost O.P.S., however, does not charge people for house investigations.

Sanders has only been a member of the Indiana Ghost O.P.S. team for a little over a year now, but Sanders and Isenburg both agree on one scariest paranormal encounter during that time. The encounter took place at Thornhaven Manor in New Castle, Indiana. The two say they were out alone at night while the rest of the team was asleep when they started to hear a noise.

“We were out in the driveway and we heard something coming towards us. I just don’t believe it was an animal,” Sanders said. “It sounded like it had large rakes for feet. It sounded like it was raking leaves towards us.

Indiana Ghost O.P.S. uses different pieces of equipment to collect evidence. Their equipment can sense if anything comes near it, electronic voice phenomenons, nearby vibrations, changes in temperature and more. Ball State Daily // Zoe Schwab

Sanders and Isenburg then ran toward the porch. They went inside and locked the door after the noise got louder and closer. A few moments went by and they heard footsteps on the porch and their equipment sensed paranormal activity. About an hour later, two other members woke up and decided to leave Thornhaven Manor. They left together without ever learning what was chasing Isenburg and Sanders.

The team from the TV show Ghost Adventures came to investigate Thornhaven Manor a few weeks after Indiana Ghost O.P.S. had done so.

The team plans to go back to Thornhaven Manor around the same day and time in November to see if any similar paranormal encounters occur.

“We’re always looking for investigations for members,” McMillan said. “We want someone who is dedicated, but willing to do the work.”

The Indiana Ghost O.P.S. team will investigate the Monroe House in Hartford City, Indiana, this April 29.

The Indiana Ghost O.P.S. team can be reached at 765-233-2402 or email indianaghostops@gmail.com.