Step In. Speak Up. will be hosting Guy’s Night today in hopes of bringing awareness to the stigma that surrounds men and sexual assault. 

The event will be from 7 to 8 p.m. in the Park Hall Multipurpose Room and will feature a short video, along with games, prizes and free Buffalo Wild Wings for students. 

“We are doing Guy’s Night to break down the stereotypes behind guys and sexual assault, because there’s this stereotype that men can’t be sexually assaulted, that they’re supposed to be these big muscular guys who don’t get sexually assaulted,” said Corinne Lankowicz, the president of Step In. Speak Up.

What: Guy’s Night

When: 7 to 8 p.m. today

Where: Park Hall Multipurpose Room

Lankowicz believes men deserve the option to report assault, so the organization is hosting the event to shed light on the male survivors.

As part of Guy’s Night, the event is organized to begin with a short presentation showcasing the statistics for male sexual assault survivors, followed by a showing of their response to the short film “Dear Daddy.” Resources will also be given out to students to help survivors of sexual assault, public relations chair Melany Morris said. 

“They can expect to see a presentation of about 20 minutes of the resources, what a survivor of sexual assault can do, about why it’s important that males understand that they can also be sexually assaulted,” Morris said.

The goal of Step In. Speak Up. is to raise awareness of assault on college campuses. Lankowicz said the organization is a support system for survivors.

“Our organization is kind of just to say we’re here, these are your resources, we want to support you, and we want to give you the help that you deserve so you can get back on your feet and continue living your life,” Lankowicz said.

Step In. Speak Up. has meetings every other Wednesday at 8 p.m. in Ball Communication Building Room 104. Its first meeting after Guy’s Night will be Feb. 22.