Since the introduction of "Galentine’s Day" on "Parks and Recreation," many women have started to celebrate the holiday.

On Galentine’s Day, which is Feb. 13 every year, women get together and celebrate friendship, not relationships.

Planning on throwing a Galentine’s Party? Here are a few ideas to make it the best one yet.


Everyone enjoys giving on holidays. Some hot gifts items for the holiday are: 

1. Stuffed animals or animal pillows

Who doesn’t want something cute and cuddly to carry around or sleep with at night?

2. Friendship jewelry or accessories

While these gifts may seem like something you'd give a friend circa 2010, there are few things that are as heartfelt and fun to make as a personalized friendship bracelet or keychain. Even if you're not into making your own, stores like Claire's have your back. 

3. Throw blankets

Give your gal pal something soft and cozy to curl up with this winter. 

4. Mugs

Mugs with cute, witty sayings on them are bound to be used daily by the gals. Plus, hot beverages are popular this time of year, given the cold weather.

5. Canvas paintings

Make it ahead of time, or have the crafting day during the party. Handmade gifts are appreciated more than pricey ones.

Party Planning

It is not just about the gifts, but about enjoying the day with the girls. Here are some things for the party.

1. Crafts

What college student doesn’t enjoy the occasional crafting opportunity? Take it way back to middle school and do some paintings and make friendship bracelets. 

2. Pajama party

Sticking with comfort and throwbacks, have a sleep over. It’s not every day the girls are all in one place and have no distractions, so use the time to bond with each other. 

3. Gal pal films

Watching sappy romance movies ruins the point of a girls' day. Watch films with strong female leads or maybe even catch the Galentine's Day episode of "Parks and Recreation." Leslie Knope would be proud. 

4. Potluck

What is a party without food? No one wants to cook it all. Have everyone bring a dish, and later you all can exchange the recipes.