A self-described "jam band" from Tennessee will travel to Muncie for the first time this weekend at 8 p.m. Dec. 3 at The Chug. It will be their last show of the year.

The band's sound is most closely identified as southern rock music, said the band's singer and guitar player, John Smith. 

“A person described us as a simple multi-southern rock and I think that’s a good description,” Smith said. “We are a jam band but we have those whiskey roots that kind of make us a little bit crazy at times."

“You know, we are just really excited to get up to Ball State, you know, we have heard you guys know how to have a good time,” Smith said. “We love having a good time too so we are excited to get up there.”

Smith isn't the only one excited for the show.

“They are a very good, talented group,” said The Chug's general manager, Phil Juskevice. “They are not well known around here, but we are expecting a large crowd.”

Band members said every show is different and that is what really makes them unique.

“I don’t know what to tell you to expect but it is going to be a good time,” Smith said. “The best part is everything is different every time we play, so I don’t know what to tell you to expect.”

Riverbend Reunion makes changes from show to show to keep things different and exciting for the audience.

“We’ve got songs that we jam on and songs that we don’t jam on but when we get to the point where we start to jam on tunes that we don’t normally jam on, you know we start sailing out into unchartered territory that’s when stuff starts getting fluid and really starts getting magical,” Smith said. “That’s what keeps everything fresh and everything new for us.”

Riverbend Reunion is excited to have the full band together again, and to visit a new place and hopefully build their fan base.

“We are excited to get up there this weekend. This Saturday is perfect because it’s the last full band show we have for 2016 and it’s the first time we are in Muncie so we are going to be pulling out all of the stops,” Smith said.

The Chug is a 21-and-over bar and there is no cover charge.