If you have been naughty this year, you better beware, because Krampus will be roaming the streets of downtown Muncie in search of good and bad children to take away. 

Krampus is the evil counterpart to Saint Nick. The origins of Krampus are unknown, but people believe the idea comes from old Pagan and Germanic beliefs.

On Dec. 5, Krampus punishes and takes away the bad children, so Saint Nick knows who the good children are. Then, on Dec. 6, Saint Nick comes and gives gifts to all the good girls and boys. 

What: Krampus Nacht

Where: Downtown Muncie, Fickle Peach, The Herot Pub, Savages and Twin Archer

When: 8 p.m. to midnight Dec. 5

That's how Dec. 5 came to be known as Krampus Day. 

This year, Krampus will be roaming the streets of downtown Muncie to collect donations for charity. 

Muncie residents Robert Abner and Brian Blair will be dressing as Krampus to entertain those downtown and to gather donations for the Muncie Fire Department's Toys for Tots. Donation boxes will be set up at Twin Archer, Fickle Peach, Savages and The Heorot Pub.

The “band of pranksters,” the Krampus and children, will be visiting each location throughout the night as well as walking the streets. They will be socializing and taking pictures with anyone interested.

“We like to have a good time for a good cause.” Abner said. 

Even if you aren’t 21, you can still enjoy the event at Twin Archer in their all-ages section, or simply roam the streets of downtown to see Krampus.

But don’t fret too much if you haven't been good. 

“It is just drama, it’s show business. We really just want people to donate,” said Abner. 

Abner and Blair have been friends for eight years. They both greatly enjoy all things horror. Blair is a mask designer and owner of Scarevania and Son of Scarevania. 

Abner, a Ball State alumnus (Class of 2005), frequently attends horror cons and has been a pastor at Grace Village Church since 2008.

The pair used to do a zombie walk on campus benefitting Second Harvest Food Bank. When that ran its course, the two wanted to come up with something new to do.

With the combined love for Krampus and doing things for charity, Krampus Nacht was born last year. And downtown Muncie is all for it.

“I love it. Mr. Abner and Mr. Blair are quality people in our community, they do a great part for the community,” said Chris Piche, owner of Fickle Peach.

Each business involved has a personal relationship with Blair and Abner, and are all for joining in on the night for the community. Abner said the community is always looking for ways to make downtown survive and thrive.

“[Last year], they swept through downtown and scared the hell out of everyone,” Piche said.

Fickle Peach is continuing the donations for Toys for Tots at their Trivia Tuesday and giving away pint glasses to those who donate.