Do you like doing art but find yourself disappointed at the results? All bad artists are invited to this month's holiday-themed Bad Art Night. 

Dec. 6 from 5-7 p.m., Bad Art Night returns to Muncie’s Maring-Hunt Library. The free event is hosted by the library, along with Cornerstone Center for the Arts. Bad Art Night allows community members ages 18 and over to come together and enjoy a stress-free night of art.

Participants of Bad Art Night are not expected to become the next Pablo Picasso or Vincent van Gogh. Rather, everyone is given the freedom to create whatever they want, no matter their artistic abilities.

What: Bad Art Night

Where: Maring-Hunt Library

2005 S. High St. 

When: 5-7 p.m., Dec. 6

“The best part about Bad Art Night is that there’s absolutely no pressure to do something good or to be a creative genius,” said Rebecca Parker, the technology coordinator at Maring-Hunt Library. 

Parker originally came up with the idea for Bad Art Night after seeing other libraries and community centers across the country host similar events.

“You can just throw whatever you want at the canvas and let your creativity fly with no judgment. There’s always tons of weird, strange, gloppy, glittery art, and it’s all loved and appreciated for its uniqueness,” Parker said.

In fact, creating ugly art is even encouraged. Those with the most creative and unique pieces are given prizes at the conclusion of the evening.

Desiree Soptelean, a Ball State alumna, is a frequenter of the Bad Art Night events. Soptelean, who is a friend of Parker, was ecstatic when her friend first brought up the idea of Bad Art Night.

“I knew it was something I had to do,” Soptelean said. “I love to be creative but am not necessarily an artist or a DIY Pinterest crafter, so this was a happy medium for me.”

Soptelean attended her first Bad Art Night event in May, where her masterpiece was chosen as the “Crown Favorite” of the evening. As a prize, she received a unique trophy — a Batman figurine, spray painted gold, glued to a wooden disc — as well as a gift certificate to Cornerstone Center for the Arts.

Since her first event, Soptelean has continued going to Bad Art Night, even bringing her sister along to have a try at creating some unique art.

“There is no pressure, there are no expectations to meet and everybody creates a masterpiece completely different from all of the other attendees,” Soptelean said. “It’s a great way to unwind and be creative after a long work day. Even if you go alone, the atmosphere is fun and upbeat.”

All of the supplies are easy to use and are provided by the library. 

Tania Said, the director of education at the David Owsley Museum of Art, also attended the Bad Art Night event that was hosted in May. 

“[There’s] no agenda, no rules, no teacher telling you what to do. In other words, [it’s] the best creative, no pressure event,” Said said.

This December’s Bad Art Night event will have a holiday theme, encouraging participants to create festive art.

Although it does not cost anything to attend Bad Art Night, it is suggested that each person donates $5 at the door in order to help offset the costs it takes to put on the Bad Art Night events.