Now that Thanksgiving has passed, it's time for hot chocolate and holiday activities. Here are some fun holiday dates to go on this winter. 

1. Christmas at the Zoo

The zoo is one of those places many people only visit in the summer, but during winter, the Indianapolis Zoo hosts Christmas at the Zoo. The event is held select weekends during the holiday season with lights, mistletoes, treats and many holiday seasonal activities included in the price of regular zoo admission. 

2. Go to public parks

Public parks usually decorate well for the holiday season. It’s always beautiful to drive or walk through a park with Christmas lights surrounding you.

3. Go Ice Skating

This is a romantic and traditional idea. It is cheap and easy. Not to mention, who doesn’t enjoy a good laugh at watching each other fall and wobble on the ice like penguins?

4. Have a holiday movie marathon

Whether you choose to stream your holiday favorites on Netflix or take a trip to the video store and rent a DVD, a holiday movie marathon is a laid back and relaxing date night. Also, considering it’s cold outside, there’s no need to feel guilty snuggling up in some fuzzy blankets with hot chocolate watching holiday movies instead of going out. 

5. Make Holiday Treats

Craving frosted sugar cookies or homemade cinnamon buns? Try making some of your favorite holiday snacks with your significant other. Whether you're a serious baker, or you just like starting food fights, the end result is sure to be a delicious one. 

6. Volunteer Together

During the holidays, volunteering to help families in need is a big deal. The demand for volunteers is much higher than it is normally throughout the year. Helping someone else can make you feel great. So make it a couples thing, and help make someone's day. Not sure where or how to volunteer? Here are some options

7. Sledding

Remember when you were kids and you used to slide down the biggest hill in town on a giant piece of plastic after the first big snow? You’re never too old to do that. Once it begins to snow, make the best of it, bundle up and grab a sled, Outdoor Pursuits rents them out for $7. 

8. Make a Gingerbread house

Not only are these cute, but the house will smell amazing with all of the sweets about the home. And, you get to eat them later. You can even have a decorating contest and post pictures online for your friends to decide. 

9. Snowball Fight

Another fun, snowy activity is the age old snowball fight. Get a few more couples together and battle it out, while you get to be a child again, pelting snowballs at each other. A little friendly competition is good.

10. Make Christmas ornaments

Think about all of the ornaments on your tree at your parents’ house. Half of them you likely made when you were a child. Make an ornament for your tree that symbolizes a holiday you spent together. It is a bit of nostalgia and a cute way to save a memory.