Regardless of how you are voting on Election Day, almost every college student would vote for more free food.

On Nov. 9, the day after the election, HotBox Pizza will be answering the call for action and giving out free breadsticks at all locations from 2 to 5 pm.

“We started doing this as a way to thank our customers and have fun,” said Leah Brumit, HotBox's marketing director. 

HotBox is located in the Village on Martin Street. 

This week, HotBox is also offering half-off the pie of the week, chicken bacon ranch pizza. If ordering online, use the code "POTW." If ordering in person or over the phone, use the code "Chicks rule!" 

The promotion is expected to draw in a large crowd, considering the restaurant's close proximity to campus. 

It is the company's hope that the lines will be long but fast, Brumit said.

Jessica Dragoo, a freshman undecided major, is excited to cash in on the free breadsticks. 

“I am super excited because their breadsticks are my favorite. I am going to bring a few of my friends as well,” Dragoo said. “I think it is amazing for business and will bring a lot of Ball State students to the restaurant.”

Although breadsticks are sure to satisfy most college students' hunger and comply with their light wallets, others will not be cashing in on the free breadsticks promotion. Henry Muse, a sophomore environmental management major, is not as thrilled as some. 

“I probably won’t go,” Muse said. “I feel like they would have a better turn out if it was pizza.”

Though free pizza won't be given away, HotBox is offering 50 percent off the pie of the week, a chicken bacon ranch pizza. 

Although some are looking forward to the breadsticks deal and others are not, most can agree the promotion will help business and fill the bellies of many Ball State students who come Wednesday afternoon.

“I think that it is a good idea though so they can get more business. I think that college students on campus would like it because it is close, and free,” said Ben Vickory, a freshman nursing major. 

The promotion is available while supplies last.