Trailing Army 27-24, Ball State was in the midst of a late comeback after scoring 14 points in the fourth quarter. With Army sitting on its 37-yard line, Terry Baggett ripped off a 39-yard run up the middle to change the momentum.

“I could point to a guy executing four out of five times, but the one time he didn’t, it might have cost us,” Ball State head coach Pete Lembo said. “We had some busts with assignments on defense relative to who was taking the dive and the quarterback, and the pitch.”

Army went on to score a touchdown, turning a nail biter into a two-score game.

1.    Leading 27-24 with 7:05 left in the fourth quarter, Army had the ball in the middle of the field on its 37-yard line. Army quarterback Angel Santiago is under center. Baggett is behind him and to the left, on the 33-yard line. Another running back is lined up directly behind Santiago, and another is behind Santiago and to his right.

2.    Ball State has four defensive linemen, three linebackers and four defensive backs. Linebackers Ben Ingle and Zack Ryan are lined up on the 41-yard line, a couple of yards apart.

3.    At the snap, Santiago quickly turns and hands off to Baggett, who takes the ball up the middle. He runs into a combination of linebacker Ryan and Ingle. Ryan looks to be in position, but gets sucked into a block and is neutralized.

4.    Baggett runs through Ryan and Ingle and breaks free. Defensive end Michael Ayers gives chase but is knocked out of the play on the Ball State 40-yard line.  Defensive backs Gilbert Stlouis and Tyree Holder chase as well.

5.    Holder dives for Baggett’s legs and trips him up, bringing him down as Stlouis simultaneously falls onto Baggett, ending the play on the Ball State 25-yard line.