The Ball State baseball team’s only season matchup against Indiana Tech was rained out Tuesday. It’s the seventh game of the season that’s been canceled due to poor weather.

Conditions were holding up until rain and thunder started coming down around 2:30 p.m., rendering the much maligned field useless.

Ball State players were upset with the news of another lost ballgame, some taking to Twitter to voice their frustrations.

“This rain is unreal ... hopefully we can play tomorrow,” Third baseman and pitcher T.J. Weir tweeted.

Coach Rich Maloney said it’s unfortunate there have been so many games rained out this season, especially when his team is battling for a playoff spot and needs every game it can get.

“Because of the games we haven’t played, we’ve had at least five games now where we didn’t have a chance for victory,” Maloney said. “Those games are important and we haven’t been able to play them.”

Ball State will make up its rain out against Valparaiso on Tuesday at Michigan State.

With just a month remaining in the season, Ball State sits in ninth place overall in the Mid-American Conference, and needs to start racking up wins to secure a spot in the MAC tournament.

Although games against Indiana Tech and Indiana wouldn’t count toward the team’s MAC total, the games help boost overall wins and allow players to stay in rhythms they may have gotten into over the weekend. 

The Cardinals want to still play against Indiana today, although Maloney said he wasn’t getting his hopes up because rain is projected to be a factor for the day as well.

Maloney mentioned that Tuesday’s game won’t be rescheduled, and neither will the game against Indiana if rain comes into the picture again.

If the team can’t play today, it’ll start looking ahead to its series against Miami of Ohio this weekend.