Costs of a Wedding

The happiest day in many couples’ lives can also turn out to be the most expensive. The cost of getting married only continues to rise, causing many Millennials to delay marriage. The average wedding cost in 2014 was $31,213, which increased 4.5 percent from the previous year and that doesn’t include honeymoon costs, according to


Healthy Relationships in the Digital Age

Social media has changed the way people interact in romantic relationships. Ball Bearings asks four individuals from different generations about how new technology has blurred the lines of healthy relationships


Dating and Marriage: The State of Millennial Love

As the most accepting generation in history, Millennials are redefining love through different types of relationships and by delaying marriage. Editor-in-Chief Miranda Carney talks to Staff Writer Samantha Stevenson about the modern state of Millennial love, the focus of the fourth online edition of Ball Bearings Magazine

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