‘Raya and the Last Dragon’ surprises with its unique world

‘Raya and the Last Dragon’ is worth checking out in theaters or when it’s available for free on streaming. However, it’s not worth the thirty-dollar price tag. Its world is fresh and incredible but isn’t able to bring these qualities to its standard formula. It’s great to see Disney explore different cultures and characters, but it would also be nice to see them expand upon their generic plot lines. 


‘WandaVision’ continues Marvel’s home run streak

‘WandaVision’ proves that Marvel still has a great game plan for their universe. The series also shows that Marvel is willing to make content that’s bizarre and refreshing. Although some of the sitcom aspects don’t work at times, it’s nice to see Marvel changing things up. With blockbuster level quality and two lead characters who we’ve grown attached to, this series is one worth the binge. 


The Coven S7E9: Joss Whedon & the Age of Controversy

  Welcome back to another episode of the Coven! Join us as we talk about director Joss Whedon's multiple controversies, what makes a good strong female character, and the misogynistic themes in Whedon's films! Tune in for all this more on this week's episode of the Coven! Hosts: Shwetha Sundarrajan & Harrison Hopkins Edited by: Lia Weisbecker-Lotz Graphic by: Shwetha Sundarrajan


Brown headed to Stetson

The Bruins went from losing 61 games in the three seasons prior to Luke Brown's arrival to winning almost every game. The team’s success has impacted the community.


‘L.W.’ is a strong addition to the King Gizzard discography

‘L.W.’ proves how creative this band is. Their lyrics have improved greatly since 2014’s "I’m In Your Mind Fuzz" and even 2016’s "Nonagon Infinity." King Gizzard managed to take their microtonal sound into new areas and created a successful double album that flows right into each other, track for track. But how far can they take microtones? It stales and becomes forgettable in some places, while in others, they fuse it with other genres previously explored in other albums to create something unique to the band. 

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