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7 Tips for Quickly Learning Spanish

If you have ever wanted to learn a new language, why not start now? There are so many great resources available to you that will help you master any language you have ever wanted to learn.


Student Loan Relief in Reality

On August 24,  Biden announced a plan to cancel up to $20,000 in student debt for qualifying borrowers. BSU students and faculty give their perspective on the matter and its significance.

Through their free-to-all 'Impact X Class,' those involved hope to bring about innovation from within Muncie. The 12-week class begins Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2022. (Josie Santiago, DN)


Mike Martin, along with Christina Mann and Kory Gipson, are set to teach a 12-week “Impact X Class” starting September 13, a collaboration between Ball State University’s Entrepreneurship Center, the City of Muncie and the In Place Impact Muncie Initiative, hoping to help Muncie’s entrepreneurial and economic scene grow.

James Murray (left) and Ryan Murray (right) stand in front of a display case at Murray Jewelers. The two are co-owners and the fifth generation in their family to run the business. Maya Wilkins, DN

A Century of Silver and Gold

Murray Jewelers, a watch repair store turned custom-made jewelry vendor, has been in business for 137 years. Co-owners Ryan and James Murray discuss their business and the significance of a long-standing family-run store.

Ball State professor Kate Elliot talks to her class about creating bookmarks for United Way: Day of Action Sept. 1. Elliot is on the board of this foundation and is looking to introduce it to her students by having them participate in making inspirational bookmarks. Meghan Sawitzke, DN

A Helping Hand

Ball State’s Office of Community Engagement holds its annual Day of Action Friday, Sept. 9, to help Delaware and surrounding counties with providing basic necessities. 

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