Pat Ton, holding his dog Ginger, takes in the damage to homes and businesses on 3rd Street at Fort Myers Beach on Thursday, Sep. 29, 2022, which was mostly destroyed after Hurricane Ian made landfall overnight on Wednesday. (Douglas R. Clifford/Tamps Bay Times/TNS)

After the Storm

Category 4 storm, Hurricane Ian, made landfall in Florida Sept. 28, causing destruction unseen for years. The morale of many Florida residents and natives is low, yet many are hopeful their area will bounce back.


Muncie Mall hosts job fair

“I think you have to have an open mind. You have to be determined that you’re going to leave with some kind of opportunity and be positive,” Anthony said. “Be eager to work. I don’t think it’ll be that hard to get a job as long as you keep that positive mindset.”


Another award in the arsenal

"It has nothing to do with our competition, which I think is also award worthy but more about how our students are always kind and courteous,” said Marino. “We have a culture where we don't really complain and just try to get it done.”


Voting Awareness

Leading up to United States Midterm Election Day Nov. 8, voter registration and turnout in Delaware County has never been lower. The county was tied for the lowest voter turnout and had one of the lowest percentages of absentee ballots in Indiana in 2020.


The journey to Ball State Football

For many high school athletes, deciding where to play college football is a task in and of itself. However, for Luke Jones, the answer is 13 miles down the road in Scheumann Stadium. 

Aaron Judge swinging through an at-bat during a game for the New York Yankees. Judge hit his 62nd home run Oct. 4 to top Roger Maris' single-season total. Arturo Pardavila, photo courtesy

GOINS: The magic number 62

Now that Aaron Judge has hit his 62nd home run, you shouldn’t have to worry about the TV cutting away when college football is on to show you Aaron Judge’s at-bats. Who knows if we will ever see a player so dominant that his at-bats interfered with a college football game again? Will ever see 62 home runs hit again? Or Barry Bond’s total of 73 broken? These are questions baseball fans wish they had the answers to, but only time knows the answer.


A human library

“Our books are authentic. I’ve had people ask me if they are paid to be a book. No, because once you start doing that, you’re selling the story and it’s not the same,” Lewis said. “These are just authentic stories.”


Annual IRONMAN triathlon brings hundreds to Muncie

"I want to make a sandwich,” said Kim Rapp’s trainee after finishing the bike portion of the race, to which Rapp replied, "No, no sandwich making. Go, go, go!.. Stephanie, the one you just saw, it's her first 70.3. I've been coaching her for about five months for this. Everybody's doing great, it's a great day."


BSUDM events begin

“We enjoy coming out to help them, it’s for a very good cause,” Officer Matt Gaither said. “We all had a good time and it was fun.”

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