THE DAILY SKEW SATIRE: Student believes Scramble Light button actually works

Danielle Grady is a junior journalism-news major and writes ‘The Daily Skew’ for the Daily News. She denies that her situations or sources have ever manifested themselves in the physical world, but if you see yourself in the characters- so be it (This does not apply public figures, student leaders or organizations). Write to Danielle at dagrady@bsu.edu. One Ball State student swears that pushing the button near the Scramble Light cuts his wait time by half. “Whenever I approach the Scramble Light and the red hand is showing, I always use the button,” said Stephen Irr, a sophomore chemistry major.

Zach Burger is a sophomore audio telecommunications major and writes ‘The Drop’ for the Daily News. His views do not necessarily agree with those of the newspaper. Write to Zach at zaburger@bsu.edu.

THE DROP: EDM producer blends soul, funk, dubstep in new collection

Cuing up the album-opener from Ghost Mutt, my first impression was that the DJ/producer was poorly recommended to me. About 30 seconds into the first track, simply put, I thought his chopping and screwing was just a bit too screwy – admittedly, I jumped the gun. His prodigious use of the classic stutter effect proved to be an asset.


From comics to the TV screen: 'Gotham' and 'The Flash'

BINGE WATCHER: Shows provide room for creativity in comics Two new DC-based television shows, “The Flash” and “Gotham,” have come onto the scene with an already-established fan base, myself included. Both shows have vastly different objectives to accomplish and while there have been some issues, they’ve started to hit their strides midway through the first seasons. “The Flash” is trying to modernize and give more legitimacy to rarely-used characters and events into a newer setting.


OUR VIEW: University must keep students aware of crime

Ball State needs to define transparent alerts protocol. The Ball State Alert Twitter page launched a week before it announced there was a possible armed assailant in November 2013 in the Jo Ann Gora Student Recreation and Wellness Center. The first tweet about that occurrence last year received 238 retweets, notifying the Ball State community of the potential danger and spreading knowledge of the Twitter page.

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