AK's OPINION: Scream Queens: Love it or hate it

For those of you who are into the B-movie style films that are so bad they’re good, the new Foxcomedy/horror television series "Scream Queens" is for you. For those who don’t find comedy in continuous idiotic commentary and mean-spirited stereotypes, this show may be more exhausting than exhilarating.


FILM ANNALYSIS: Robert de Niro turns soft in 'The Intern'

This high-fructose dose of Robert de Niro is an unexpectedly lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Definitely not a blockbuster hit, "The Intern" offers a more understated and feel-good experience than movies like "Straight Outta Compton" or "Black Mass." Although it may not win any awards, "The Intern" is a movie that did just what it intended and provided 121 minutes of frivolous delight.


'The Visit' overstays its welcome

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CLOUD 10: Why is Keith worried?

Cooper Cox is a senior creative writing major and does comics for the Daily News. His views do not necessarily agree with those of the newspaper. Write to Cooper at ccox2@bsu.edu.


DO YOU COPY?: Marriage equality is a step, not a leap

When the Supreme Court ruled in favor of marriage equality on Friday, supporters of the decision ignited with celebration. There were people using #LoveWins, people rushing to wed. I even saw some people posting that the Human Rights Campaign needed to find something new to fight for. But marriage equality is a step not a leap.