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Ball State residences will be closed

This afternoon, the Ball State president’s office announced that school residence halls will be closing on March 29. This decision will affect all students living on campus, especially international students.

Muncie nutrition store helps customers continue with their New Year’s resolutions

One of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions is to start dieting, working out, or a combination of both. The failure rate for resolutions is an astounding 80% by Mid February. Muncie’s 5 Star Nutrition works with it’s customers to create plans and set goals for their customers to shoot for and maintain their resolutions. General Manager Tyler Bennett explains how he works with his customers to create a personal experience more like a head coach. 

New MITS app makes it easier to ride

In order to optimize the ride experience for Muncie residents, MITS has launched a new APP. On this app, people can freely check all 14 bus lines according to their needs. They can clearly see where the bus is now.

Students call for more bus routes and stations

For many students who do not have a car, the school's routes are the most convenient means of transportation. However, the main loop of the school's routes covers the main road of the school, McKinley Avenue, and all four lines run almost in the same place.

Cardinal Job Fair

On Wednesday, Ball State held the Spring Cardinal Job Fair in Worthen Arena. In this Job Fair, there were more than 175 employers from different industries and over 20 graduate programs.

Cardinal Job Fair benefits both students and employers

The Ball State Career Center hosts a large career job fair each semester. They invite employers to actively recruit Ball State students for full-time work, internships, part-time work, and more. Many students from different professions come to this job fair to consult their favorite job. There are about 300 employers and a total of about 2,000 jobs, including full-time, internship and part-time. There are also many types of occupations, including financial, business management, accounting, etc.

Students call for more security

Campus apartments are often the first housing option for many students because they believe they’re more secure than off-campus apartments. However, some students say that is not always true.

Ball State Celebrates Chinese New Year

Traditional New Year is the most important festival in China. On that day, people will come back to their hometowns to reunite with all their loved ones. However, Chinese professors and students at Ball State University cannot return home because of work and studying. Therefore, the Chinese Students and Scholars Association holds a gala to celebrate Traditional New Year every year.

Student Shares Their Bad Landlord Experience

Ethan Gerald is a Ball State student who was excited to move into his first rental house, as he believed it would be cleaned up by the time he moved in. However, he and his roommates found themselves in a house with broken windows, mold, obscene graffiti and a leaky roof. 

Student Shares Repair Bill From Bad Landlord

Ball State student Anna Harp was satisfied with her first apartment, until she moved out and received a bill for hundreds of dollars in damages. Harp said the issues already existed and some charges - such as the cost of replacing a burnt out light bulb - should have been considered normal wear and tear. 

The Beauty in Height

Ball Bearings magazine is planning a video series in which they do a deep dive into beauty standards within America. The first video of the series looks into the beauty around a person’s height. 

The story behind a local Muncie flower shop

As a child, Normandy Flower Shop owner Judy Benken thought she would grow up and find out what she wanted to do.  Benken’s family owned a flower shop in Muncie. Benken spent a lot of time helping her family's business. 

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