DeHority Complex radiator reparied after subzero temperatures compromises equipment

Maintenance personnel repaired DeHority Complex’s broken radiator this morning, after negative temperatures caused it to break yesterday. The radiator provides heat to the vestibule and surrounding area of DeHority complex, so the whole complex was not affected. George Edwards, the associate director of facilities, estimated that the radiator caused flooding about 10 feet in diameter in the front lobby of the building. Edwards said a custodian, who was considered essential personnel, had been planning to spend the night in DeHority due to an inability to drive, when the radiator broke.


Radiator breaks in DeHority Complex, floods front lobby

A radiator in DeHority Complex broke Monday night causing flooding in the front lobby of the residence hall. The flooding stretched from the front doors of the building to the office doors located a few yards back. Staff set up six fans in the lobby to dry the carpet and two space heater in the vestibule. Most students seemed unconcerned with the breakage. “I can’t believe the radiator exploded but it doesn’t really concern me since it was in the front lobby and we have been snowed in,” Ben Mcintosh, a freshman speech pathology major.


YOUR PHOTOS: Weather where you are

Ball State will be closed Monday due to the continuing snow and predicted cold weather. The National Weather Service has issued a winter storm warning that will be in effect through late tonight and a wind chill warning in effect beginning late tonight through Tuesday. Temperatures Monday are expected to fall to -15 degrees with a wind chill of between -25 and -40 degrees which, according to the National Weather Service, can cause frost bite on exposed skin in 10 minutes. [View the story “Weather where you are” on Storify]

Junior Kylie Pine and her father Bob Elliott move in to Park during the snow. Pine and Elliott didn't encounter much difficulty on their way to Muncie from the south side of Indianapolis.

Students adjust plans to prepare for winter weather

Unlike a typical move-in day, there were few cars lined up by Woodworth Complex, Park Hall and DeHority Complex as many students took advantage of Saturday’s move-in. Molly Sitz, a junior and a resident assistant at Woodworth Complex, said she was surprised that so many people moved in Saturday. “I have 52 people on my floor and more than half of them moved in on Saturday,” Sitz said.


University reduces hours in response to Affordable Care Act

Ball State employees who currently have health care benefits will not lose those benefits because of the new health care law. In an email sent out this week, Randy Howard, vice president of Business Affairs and treasurer, said one of the guiding principles of Ball State’s compliance with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is to avoid reductions in health care.


Advice for winter break security

With Winter Break right around the corner, houses and residence halls are going to be empty for nearly a month. To the unprepared, this could mean a higher than expected electric bill, a messy return and a flood of water on the floor. Not to mention, an empty house is a perfect opportunity for theft.

Matthew Smith, co-director of Amnesty International, hands out fliers to people encouraging them to sign a petition to advise the university to expand the sexual assault programs Dec. 4 outside of Bracken Library. Protestors adapted speeches and outfits from the 1920s to tie in the women

Ball State group demonstrates to raise sexual assault awareness

A Ball State group chose an older approach to raising awareness of sexual assault, dressed in early 1900s clothing giving adapted speeches from the women’s suffrage movement. The Amnesty International chapter hosted a demonstration Wednesday to encourage the administration to give students more resources to deal with sexual assault and violence.

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