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What the Career Center can offer you

Even during this pandemic, the Career Center wants you to know they’re available to help you with your professional development. The following services have been moved to online format so that YOU can still end this school year on a high note and have access to all the professional guidance you may need.


Pizza King is celebrating over 60 years of quality pizza

Pizza King is celebrating over 60 years of quality pizza and special ingredients to the Hoosier family. Pizza King has 11 locations across Delaware County with eight locations right in Muncie. Don’t worry-- even though Pizza King’s dining rooms are closed for dine-in, they are open during standard business hours for carry-out and delivery orders! 


Find Your Haven!

Still looking for 2020-2021 student housing? Can’t seem to find a place that offers all of the luxurious amenities you desire while keeping the price tag where you can afford it? Look no further, The Haven Apartments has all that you’re looking for and more at a price you can’t beat!

janitors team cleaning service concept male female cleaners in uniform working together with professional equipment modern corridor interior flat full length horizontal vector illustration

Let SeeClear clean for you!

Spring cleaning is right around the corner, and SeeClear Cleaning Service is here to help those who do not have the time to clean each crevice in their homes and businesses. Located on 1490 Nebo Rd. in Yorktown Indiana, SeeClear offers various types of cleaning services which they complete thoroughly and quickly.


Spice up your life with Puerto Vallarta

Have you even lived in Muncie if you haven’t been to Puerto Vallarta? Just kidding… but really, it’s time to try out Puerto Vallarta for delicious Mexican food and more! If you’re not convinced yet, we’re giving you four reasons why your next meal out should come from Puerto Vallarta.


Top Five Reasons You Should Eat with Greek’s

With a history of spectacular customer service and authentic management, Greek’s Pizzeria strives to provide the best quality pizza to customers, while emphasizing the importance of good taste and individuality! With Best of Ball State officially expanding and focusing around the Ball State, Muncie, and Delaware County communities as whole, below are five key reasons Greek’s should be your number one choice for all things pizza! 


Give Blood to Give Time

During the month of March, the American Red Cross is partnering with the American Cancer Society for #RedCrossMonth! Our goal is to help the 1.8 million people that will be diagnosed with cancer in 2020.


Lowery’s Candies: Muncie’s Sweet Spot

Lowery’s Candies is celebrating 78 years of business and continues still to hand dip each piece of the over 100 varieties of chocolate items they sell. Lowery’s offers a large selection of chocolates, including cremes, nuts and cherries, their special Dark Secrets, assortments, fudge, and unique holiday and occasion packages.


How Much Do You Really Know About Blood?

Did you know that less than 38 percent of the population is eligible to give blood or platelets? We strive to bring in donors who are a part of this small percentage who are eligible at American Red Cross to help save the lives of those people needing blood every two seconds in the U.S.


How to get the most out of your workouts

Most men in college exercise to gain muscle mass. To increase muscle mass, two things must be done.  The first is exercise. Lifting weights or exercising with machines  increases muscle protein synthesis. The more often this is done the more  frequent muscle protein synthesis occurs, and the more muscle mass is  grown. That is why people that work more often than others have more  muscle mass. The second way to increase muscle mass is to increase  dietary protein intake. Combining exercise and increased protein intake  will work synergistically to increase muscle mass. 

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