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As Accusations Grow, Lauer Releases Apology

Former Today Show host Matt Lauer has released a statement regarding the sexual assault allegations against him. This comes a day after NBC received two new complaints about Lauer’s behavior.

'Overwatch' pro team fires manager after sexual assault allegations

In what might be the quickest turn-around between allegation and repercussion, the manager of Overwatch e-sports team San Francisco Shock Max Bateman was let go just 14 hours after the abuse allegations were shared over Twitter. A woman under the handle Krystlin had tweeted that Bateman had sexually assaulted her in September after giving her a drink that made her go “in and out of consciousness” and driving her back to his home.

The Coven S3E7: We’ve got an Ace up our sleeves

This week on The Coven we throw asexuality into the cauldron and take a look at how aces are represented in television. We look at Bojack Horseman and how they tackle asexuality in one of their characters, as well as Riverdale and Big Bang Theory, and how the (lack of) representation in those two shows have impacted the community.