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FEATURE: Inside a Pokemon Regional Video Game Championship

From PokeParents with their young competitors, to the adults who have been playing the series since its beginning in 1998, Fort Wayne was home to the 2014 Pokemon VGC Regional Championships on Sunday.The Grand Wayne Convention Center was packed with more than 300 attendees in a room filled with Pokemon banners and plush toys.

Indie Spotlight: Turbo Dismount

By Chase StreetmanThere simply aren’t enough games that are just silly fun. Sure, there are titles like Hatoful Boyfriend that take the quirky dial and turns it so hard that it breaks clean off and flies into space, but even those have some sort of narrative or endgame.There’s not enough games that are just toys.Turbo Dismount, by Secret Exit,is a toy.

Bargain Bin Games: Vanquish

Cost: 20+ Hours and $10-12Year: 2010Have you ever wanted to be an ex-football player turned military research assistant who fights Russian space robots in a colony orbiting the moon while sliding around on his knees using rocket boosters?If you happen to have such strangely specific interests then Vanquish is the game for you.Directed by Shinji Mikami (known for Resident Evil 4, Shadows of the Damned, and the upcoming The Evil Within) and developed by Platinum Games in October 2010, Vanquish is a third person shooter that emphasizes fast mobility to stand out in the cover-based shooter genre.You take control of Sam Gideon.


If She Be Worthy

Most people don’t usually watch The View to find out about comics, but that was where Marvel chose to announce that the new Thor would be a woman.