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CHECKPOINT: Star Wars' subtitle, 'Majora's Mask' to 3DS

Star Wars: Episode 7 gets its subtitle, Call of Duty is declared 'the best video game series ever,' and Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask is coming to 3DS. Producer: Travis Robinson Camera & Editor: Kelsey Hayes Graphics: Meghan Duffy, Lauren Lucas, Sam Noble Music: Lex Bravary Hosts: Andi Tolentino & Travis Robinson

Indie Spotlight: Gods Will Be Watching

Devolver Digital is never boring. They really burst onto the scene with the incredibly difficult and ultra-violent Hotline Miami. Hotline was a tense and fast-paced puzzler with a heavy element of social commentary. On what can be considered the opposite of the gaming spectrum, Devolver then worked on the post-apocalyptic pigeon dating sim, Hatoful Boyfriend. Devolver also worked on the very well-received Luftrausers, an airplance-based shoot ‘em up that featured full 360-degree movement. Despite the success that all three of these games attained, Devolver’s masterpiece might be the less-knownGods Will be Watching. Gods Will be Watching is a brutal sci-fi puzzler with a heavy emphasis on sheer luck. From the very first scene, a hostage situation where you are holding the hostages, it’s clear that this will not be an easy game: both emotionally and in terms of challenge. It took me about 70 tries on normal difficulty to even complete the first of the eight total levels.

REVIEW: Sunset Overdrive

In Sunset Overdrive, there is a segment where you grind on the back of a dragon, grab a lightning bolt-shaped piece of the HUD, and stab the dragon in the brain with it. That’s it.

PREVIEW: Evolve Big Alpha

Evolve just might be the best multiplayer experience I’ve ever had, but only when everyone who is playing is on the same page. My very first match, I played as the Goliath. It’s an experience unlike any other to go from the tense feeling of stalking through the jungle, feeding and evolving, and then going through moments of pure terror as you hear a hunter shout out “I see him!” Even better is the adrenaline rush of the final confrontation. The monster reaching its final evolution, the hunters retreating back into a defensible position, waiting for the monster to make its move, and then the sheer chaos of the monster launching its assault was one of the most tense and exciting finales I have ever experienced in gaming. When the match ended, my hands were shaking and I had a smile on my face.

FEATURE: Inside a Pokemon Regional Video Game Championship

From PokeParents with their young competitors, to the adults who have been playing the series since its beginning in 1998, Fort Wayne was home to the 2014 Pokemon VGC Regional Championships on Sunday.The Grand Wayne Convention Center was packed with more than 300 attendees in a room filled with Pokemon banners and plush toys.