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Pokemon Spinoff App Releases, Teaches Training

The Pokemon Company released a Pokemon themed app for iOS called Camp Pokemon that teaches the basics of Pokemon training through a variety of mini games.The app contains six different activities that can be played for fun and used to learn the basics of Pokemon games.

More People Pronounce "Gif" with Hard "G" Sound

Despite what the creators of the media form have said, 70% of people pronounce GIF as “GHIF” with a hard “G” sound instead of a “J” sound.Mashable released the results of their 30,000 person survey about commonly mispronounced tech words and found overwhelming majorities with each.GIF, which stands for Graphics Interchange Format, has been a heated pronunciation debate since 1987.

Two New Pokemon Games Coming to 3DS Virtual Console

Pokemon Puzzle Challenge and Pokemon Trading Card Game will release next month on the 3DS Virtual Console.Puzzle Challenge will drop first on November 6 for $5 USD, with Trading Card Game releasing on November 13 for $6 USD.Nintendo also announced that a purchase of either game also comes with a free code to the demo of Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.-----Source: IGNImage: MyNintendoNews