5 Fashions for New Mothers That Are Just As Fashionable as They Are Comfortable

From sweet baby snuggles to those first adorable coos, there's no doubt that motherhood is a rewarding and thrilling journey. But amidst the bliss, one question often lingers in every new mother's mind: "What on earth am I going to wear now?" 

Well, fear not. We're here to introduce you to some new ways to style yourself as you settle into life as a mother. They’re as stylish as they are comfortable and functional because, let's face it — the days of wearing blister-causing heels and too-tight jeans may be behind you, if only for a little while.

1. Prioritize Pieces That Do Double Duty

The best fashions for you as a new mom are fashions that do more than just look good, although that’s important too. You also want to prioritize pieces that serve a mom-related purpose in your wardrobe. Our number one recommendation on that front is to have a solid collection of breastfeeding shirts

Before you start imagining bland, boring clothing, let us clarify. Today's breastfeeding shirts are anything but dull. They're designed with the practicality of easy access, yes, but they also tick the fashion box. There are a plethora of choices out there — from classic stripes to bold florals, relaxed fits to flattering cuts. These shirts ensure you're ready for a feed anytime, anywhere, all while looking chic and feeling comfortable.

2. Embrace the Basics As You Discover Your New Style

While we want you to experiment and express yourself with your postpartum wardrobe, it’s also the perfect time to get back to basics. Embracing basic, versatile, and mom-friendly pieces such as stretchy leggings to wear under dresses, tunics, oversized button-ups, gym shirts, skirts, and even sweaters can help your wardrobe work.

Simple wrap dresses in solid, neutral colors or even simple patterns like stripes are also perfect because wrap dresses can accommodate fluctuating sizes and are guaranteed to flatter your postpartum body even when you aren’t feeling your best.

High-waisted jeans in simple washes that go with everything can also give you the support you need and the style you crave, making them the perfect addition to your post-baby wardrobe. 

3. High-End Sneakers Are All the Rage

As a new mom, comfortable footwear is non-negotiable, but comfortable doesn't have to mean drab. Lucky for you, chunky, supportive sneakers in a wide variety of colors and patterns are all the rage lately, so you can be on the cutting edge of fashion without getting worn out after an afternoon at the playground.

If you’ve ever heard of “dad shoes,” it’s time to reclaim these chunky-soled, uber-comfy footwear heroes for yourself. We’re calling them mom shoes now, and they look great.

4. Gorgeous Accessories That Serve a Purpose

As we delve deeper into the fabulous world of new mother fashion, let's not overlook the power of accessories. They're the cherry on top, the final touch, the ... you get the idea. Scarves, for instance, are a versatile addition to your wardrobe. They can serve a practical purpose on chillier days, but they also add a pop of color or pattern to any outfit. 

Statement jewelry, on the other hand, can elevate even the simplest ensemble. Imagine a classic breastfeeding shirt paired with a vibrant statement necklace: Instant style upgrade! 

And for the days when you just can't be bothered with your hair? Hats, ladies. Hats are mysterious, fun, and ideal for keeping your hair under wraps when it’s a few days past wash day. Whether you choose a trendy wide-brimmed hat or a cute beanie, it's the ultimate bad-hair-day solution.

5. Even Supermodels Love Athleisure

As we navigate this style journey together, let's take a moment to appreciate the undeniable rise of loungewear. It's as if the fashion gods heard the collective sigh of tired new moms everywhere and responded with a trend that celebrates comfort without sacrificing style. 

It’s time to embrace loungewear chic and athleisure with no shame! Look for cozy sweatshirts with stylish details, joggers in soft fabrics, and oversized cardigans that make you feel like you're wrapped in a hug. 

Paired with your super trendy dad — ahem, mom — shoes, you'll be the epitome of new mother fashion. Fashionable, comfortable, and ready for a day of cuddles with your little one.

Embrace the New You

Motherhood is a time of change, new beginnings, and rediscovering yourself. It can be especially challenging to rediscover your sense of style after your body has undergone such a huge change. When you aren’t feeling your best and aren’t looking your best, it can impact your mood and mental health.

So it’s time to shake off the cobwebs and embrace this journey with open arms. After all, being a new mom isn't just about taking care of your little one; it's about taking care of you, too. Flaunt those breastfeeding shirts, strut in your comfortable shoes, and rock that loungewear as only a new mom can. You're doing great, and you deserve to feel great, too!


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