7 Tips to Find the Best Weed Strains for You

There’s more than one type of weed or cannabis. For newbie smokers, this helps to explain how different people react uniquely to consuming the plant and can be fun to experiment with. For experienced smokers, the various strains allow them to get to different mental and physical places. However, no matter if you’re a novice or avid smoker, the numerous strains and honing into what they can do for you can be overwhelming. 

The most popular strains are Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid. Sativa has a more profound psychological component, whereas Indica is centered around more relaxing qualities and needs such as sleep, pain relief, or stress reduction. Each of these also comes with specific smells, tastes, and impacts on the body. 

Each weed strain comes with its active chemicals, dependent on how and where it was grown. Understanding these active chemicals can become a key deciding factor in choosing the best type for you and what you’re looking to gain from your experience.

Here are seven tips to find the best weed strains for you.

Figure out how you want to feel

Weed strains are categorized based on potency. On a scale of one to 10, how high or impacted do you want to feel? Different strains can also affect the mind and/ or body. It’s a result of the particular balance of THC and CBD. Think of THC and CBD as a seesaw; the unique ratio dictates the type of experience you will have.

Learn about the levels of THC and CBD

You may have heard of THC and CBD before, but aren’t quite sure how it impacts the best weed strain for you. It’s very important to understand the difference. THC is the psychoactive component of weed and impacts the cerebral centers. Meanwhile, CBD has a more significant effect on the body and is commonly used to reduce pain and inflammation.

Ask if you want it for pain or pleasure

Certain strains tend to help with ailments. Hence, the advent of medical marijuana. Think of issues like joint pain, insomnia, depression, epilepsy, muscle spasm, stimulate your appetite, reduce anxiety, etc. As you figure out the best weed strain for you, decide if you need it for pain or want it for pleasure. Or, perhaps, it can be both. But once you learn if you need it for a certain ailment, it will help to choose the proper strain.

Decide if you’re sensitive to smells

The potency of weed also comes with a spectrum of how potent the smell is. If you're sensitive to certain smells, especially if lit, you may want to opt for a milder strain on the side of scent. While it might not seem like a big deal at the moment, compared to the side effects, if you choose a strain that affects how you can breathe or think, it will do more harm than good, even if the physical smoking does the job.

Choose one based on the occasion

Different strains cause different side effects and feelings. These feelings can either feed into your mood or zap you out completely. That’s why as you find the best weed strains for you, you need to choose a strain based on the occasion you’ll be using it. The type you’ll take for creative tasks—like writing, sculpting, painting—is much different than what you’d use for social—high-functioning work event or to get out of your comfort zone—or the type to zen out—on the beach, to help you sleep, etc.

Understand your budget

Different weed strains have different price points. It’s determined by quality and quantity. As you move forward in the weed picking process, understand your budget and base it on that. Cheap weed tends to carry adverse side effects, which is something you do not want. However, it’s not always the best idea to get the most expensive weed—it could easily be priced wrong.

Go directly to a dispensary

Type into your search engine, "dispensary near me open" to find a dispensary you can go into in person and get expert advice. These individuals recommend weed for a living and will be able to direct the best weed strains for you. While there, you can also ask key questions about how to choose the best one for you in the future. But having a trusted weed dispensary nearby, or online can become a valuable resource as you continue to consume weed.

As you move along in the weed strain buying process, it’s essential to understand these seven insights to make a better, more informed decision. Once you understand your own needs, it’ll be easier to grasp the strain suitable for you.

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