Wish your favorite senior farewell

Purchase a Grad Wish to celebrate your grad


After all the long nights of doing homework to the tailgates, the time has come for our seniors to graduate. If you know any seniors graduating, make them feel special by sending them a Grad Wish featured in the Graduation Edition of The Daily News. This edition is a perfect memento to capture the memories of the past year. 

The Graduation Edition of The Daily News features special stories focusing on the events of the past year, serving as a time capsule of memories as well as a glimpse into what life after college looks like. In this issue you will find the names of all graduating seniors, as well as special congratulations notes from family and friends, wishing their loved seniors the best!

This Fall, the edition is sponsored by our friends at Ball State University Graduate Admissions. Be sure to check out your options for continuing your education at Ball State by clicking the link!

Each Grad Wish is created with a custom design for each senior, offering a unique, one-of-a-kind wish. Included in your Grad Wish will be a photo of your grad, the graduate’s name, and your personalized message for them, up to 50 words. Make sure to include who the wish is from so they know who to thank when they see it! 

This is the best way to commemorate and celebrate your friends or family who completed their degree this year despite all the challenges during their years here at Ball State. Take a moment to highlight their accomplishments and wish them well on their journey with a Grad Wish as they fly away from the nest.

The last day to purchase and submit a wish is November 29. The Graduation Edition will be available on campus and online starting December 9 and will be mailed to the address of purchasers December 13.

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