Ball Bearings Magazine is on newsstands now!

Pick up your copy today!

With the end of the semester slowly starting to close in on us, it’s time for the Fall Edition of Ball Bearings Magazine to publish!

What is Ball Bearings?

Ball Bearings Magazine is a student-produced magazine that explores both regional and national issues through the perspective of Ball State students. Through its thought-provoking feature stories, commentaries, criticisms and more, Ball Bearings allows its readers to focus on what it means to live now.

This year’s theme focuses on “Home.” This issue features a collection of stories about what home means to a wide variety of people. Topics addressed include immigration, homelessness, alternative living, blight, and third places. If you can't make it to campus to pick up your copy, the digital edition is available here.

Where to Get Your Copy!

Ball Bearings magazines is on newsstands all around campus on Thursday, Nov. 18. Members of the Ball Bearings team will also have tables set up in the Student Center and the Atrium from 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. on Nov. 18 to hand out magazines. Again, if you can't make it to campus, it's available online here!

For more information about future publications and special editions, be sure to follow Ball State Daily!

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