Anonymous Instagram page documents Ball State's geese adventures

MUNCIE, Ind.(NewsLink) – It’s springtime and the Instagram page @ball_state_honkers has been documenting the goslings appearing all over Ball State’s campus. 

The account was created two years ago and is run by a Ball State student who chose to remain anonymous.

“I feel like the geese on campus are kind of neglected,” they said, “I wanted something people could connect over.” 

The creator was inspired by a page that documented the red squirrels at Indiana University.

“I thought the page was hilarious and I loved the idea of having a page for animals that everyone is familiar with on campus,” they said. 

The page allows students to submit photos and videos of geese spotted on Ball State’s campus. Recently there have been 2 to 3 submissions a day. However, the creator is prepared for winter when geese are not spotted or when there is a lack of submissions. “I have a backlog of close 500 photos that I’ve taken,” they said.  

So, make sure to keep an eye out for geese and send your submissions to the Instagram page.


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