Why You Should Checkout the Digital Graduation Edition of The Daily News

Why should you even grab an edition? Find out below!

As the year comes to an end, it’s times like these we look back and celebrate all of our achievements. The achievements this year, despite many challenges faced, are exceptional. Which is why The Daily News wants to remember this year with their Graduation Edition. So, what can you look forward to in the Graduation Edition? Here are the top three reasons to check out the digital edition.

Grad Wishes

The Graduation Edition features the names of Fall 2020 graduates, recognizing and celebrating their time and success at Ball State. Grad Wishes are thoughtful messages from friends and family to graduate, congratulating them for all they have accomplished.

Covid-19 Memoir

The Graduation Edition is especially unique because it features stories on what life was like in 2020. This will include COVID-19, the protests, and all other major events that shaped this year into what it was. We survived 2020! Now don’t forget all the events that made us stronger as individuals and as a nation. This will be a great piece to keep throughout the years to remember and show future generations what it was like living through a pandemic as a college student!

Time Capsule Piece

This issue will be an amazing time capsule piece since it not only features our graduating seniors this Fall, but articles showcasing the challenges seniors faced in the midst of a pandemic as well as their overall experiences in college! Read it now, then store it away with other precious memories, that you will inevitably relive one day with your family. In 20 years, you’ll forget some of the details, so let The Daily News remind you of all the highs and lows. 

Capture a slice of history with the Graduation Edition of The Daily News, now available digitally! 

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