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<p>The scramble light is a intersection on campus that occasionally allows pedestrians to cross from any direction all at once. <strong>Jaden Whiteman, DN</strong></p>

The scramble light is a intersection on campus that occasionally allows pedestrians to cross from any direction all at once. Jaden Whiteman, DN

Ball State has its own words and abbreviations, which can be confusing to new students. Here is a list of the most commonly used Cardinal terms:


AJ: The Art and Journalism Building is commonly referred to as AJ or The Atrium. The Atrium is the food court located in AJ and has popular restaurants such as Papa John’s Pizza and Chick-fil-A.

BC: Ball Communications is the building between Letterman and AJ . It houses the telecommunications office, University Media Services, green screen studios and classrooms.

RB: Robert Bell is the academic building located on the corner of McKinley and Neely. English, math and computer science classes are held in RB, as well as a testing lab.

CAP: The building students in the College of Architecture and Planning (CAP) have classes in.


Red Loop: The Red Loop travels through campus, to the stadium overflow lot and back.

Green Loop: Travels through campus to the Alumni Center, Scheumann Stadium and University Apartments.

Blue Loop: The Blue Loop travels in a rectangle starting on McKinley Avenue and making turns on Neely Avenue, Linden Street and Riverside Avenue.

Orange Loop: The Orange Loop travels from the Student Center to Oakwood and back.

MITS: The Muncie Indiana Transit System (MITS) is free for students to ride with their Ball State ID. The MITS bus goes to various locations throughout Muncie, including Walmart and the Muncie Mall.

Charlie’s Charter: A free shuttle bus service that picks students up and drops them off at night on university-owned property.

Campus Landmarks

Naked Lady: Forest Idyll, more commonly known as the Naked Lady, is located in Bracken Library. The statue serves as a common meeting place for students in classes or projects.

Benny: Beneficence is the logo that frequently appears in Ball State’s marketing. She is located near Lucina Hall on the south end of campus. Benny represents the generosity of the five Ball Brothers who founded the university.

Frog Baby: Sits in a fountain near Bracken Library. Legend has it that you can rub Frog Baby’s nose for good luck. Students frequently dress her up for holidays, events and in the winter to keep her warm.

Cow Path: A sidewalk that starts behind LaFollette Complex and ends at Riverside Avenue by the Fine Arts Building.

Duck Pond: Located behind the Johnson Complexes, it is a common place to relax.

University Green: Events are frequently held here. It’s the grassy area between CAP and Bracken.

Scramble Light: Located at the intersection of McKinley and Riverside, the Scramble Light will chirp occasionally and allow students to cross in any direction.

Blue Emergency Lights: Emergency call boxes are around campus and are indicated with a blue light. When the red button is pushed, UPD is dispatched to the location.

Shafer Tower: More commonly known as the Bell Tower, Shafer Tower will ring every 15 minutes.

The Quad: The grassy area near North Quadrangle, the Administration Building and Burkhardt Building.


Dining Plus: Students with meal plans have an allotted amount of dining plus. If they exceed the amount for their meal swipe, the remaining balance can be deducted from dining plus.

Bed Race: During Homecoming week, part of Riverside Avenue is closed for Bed Races. Different student organizations take turns racing a bed down the street.

Happy Friday Guy: Every Friday, a guy in a morph suit will ride around campus on a scooter giving high fives and yelling, “Happy Friday!”


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