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<p>The Career Center is located in Lucina Hall. Students can apply for on-campus jobs, consult with career coaches and use Cardinal Career Link at the Career Center. <strong>Samantha Brammer, DN File</strong></p>

The Career Center is located in Lucina Hall. Students can apply for on-campus jobs, consult with career coaches and use Cardinal Career Link at the Career Center. Samantha Brammer, DN File

Everyone knows looking for a job can be somewhat difficult and time consuming. Luckily, Ball State makes getting a part-time job as easy as possible, which allows students looking to pay off college debt while keeping up with their schoolwork to do so. 

1. Figure out what kind of job you want

This is an important first step. Ball State offers a number of jobs related to students’ career fields, but those are often filled by older students who are preparing to enter the job market.

Are you just looking to make some extra cash on campus and don’t care what you do? Or are you trying to work your way up in an organization that pays. Sometimes, it’s best not to take a job at all if you are looking to build your skills for a greater opportunity down the road.

2. Go to Cardinal Career Link

After you have an idea of what you want to do on campus, start looking at the different options presented to you. Cardinal Career Link is an easy-to-use website that helps find listings of available jobs and internships.

The website, available through the Career Center on Ball State’s website, allows you to save different jobs that you may be interested in and acquire the requisition number for said job. This allows you to apply and get on the list for a potential interview with your employer.

3. Head to the Career Center

Whether you’ve made your dream list of jobs or are lost on the Cardinal Career Link website, the Career Center is there to help.

The staff can help guide you to jobs that may interest you and will also provide you with a golden ticket to return to the employer of your choice. All jobs on campus must be done through the Career Center located on the second floor of Lucina Hall.

4. Start applying

After you received your yellow sheet of paper stating that you are qualified to apply for a certain job from an employee at the Career Center, you must then take it to your prospective employer.

Follow the instructions on the sheet and if it asks you for more information, like a résumé, curriculum vitae (CV) or cover letter, make sure you have all of that information available before you turn in the sheet.

5. Get a résumé, CV and cover letter together

Some jobs on campus don’t require this step, so feel free to skip it, but other jobs will ask for this information. If the job that you’re applying for does require one of the above pieces of information, be sure to have it prepared.

If you don’t know where to start creating these documents, it might be worth scheduling an appointment with your career coach. Every Ball State student has one, you just have to set up an appointment. They will not only help you create your materials, but they will also review them to ensure they are clean before you turn them into an employer.

6. Nail the interview

If you’ve done everything properly before this step, the last thing you need to do before acquiring a job is nail the interview. If you’ve never had a job interview before, go back to your Career Coach (they can help with just about anything you need relating to jobs).

Your Career Coach can run you through a mock interview, ask popular questions and even show you where to grab some dress clothes.


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