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<p>University Police Department are an on campus source for help, an officer is assigned to each residence hall. <strong>Kaiti Sullivan, DN File</strong></p>

University Police Department are an on campus source for help, an officer is assigned to each residence hall. Kaiti Sullivan, DN File

Who do you call when you have a problem? The Office of Victim Services and University Police exist to help you out when needed.

What do they do:

University Police Department (UPD) ensures student safety in many ways. Officers are present at campus sanctioned events, patrol campus and release an annual safety report.

UPD also ensures students are aware of their rights on and off campus. 

For example, a warrant isn’t required for conducting a search.

"We can stop somebody if we have reasonable suspicion, which is lower than probable cause, to investigate if a crime has occurred or is occurring,” said UPD Chief Jim Duckham.

In the dorms:

Every residence hall on campus has an assigned UPD officer to be a go-to person for the hall, help students move in and encourage a positive relationship with the department.

“The goal is to allow students to get to know you in a non-traditional law enforcement role so that you’re not just the officer that came and took your police report, or the officer that came because you had a problem," Duckham said. 

Officers hold events like Lunch with a Cop and the annual Dunk-A-Cop contest at the Scramble Light.

Victim Services:

A victim advocate is someone who supports survivors through providing emotional support, guidance and assistance, according to Ball State’s website.

UPD has teamed up with the Office of Victim Services (OVS). After business hours, students can call UPD dispatch and request to speak with the on-call victim advocate, according to the website. The advocate will also respond after hours to Indiana University Health Ball Memorial Hospital. 

The advocates provide 24 hour-a-day support, information, referrals and advocacy, the website states. They offer support to individuals who have been victimized, whether the abuse occurred recently or in the past, assistance with exploration of options and accessing community resources, including filing for a protective order.

They also accompany Ball State students to the court meetings and hearings involving the criminal justice system or student conduct process with the Office of Student Conduct and act as a liaison between the survivor and the Delaware County Prosecutor's Office.

Students in need of support services can visit OVS in the Health Center located on Neely Avenue.


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