How to save on groceries

<p>Grocery shopping can add up but taking coupons and a shopping list can help keep the cart from weighing more than the wallet. <strong>Photo Courtesy, Unsplash.</strong></p>

Grocery shopping can add up but taking coupons and a shopping list can help keep the cart from weighing more than the wallet. Photo Courtesy, Unsplash.

Growing up comes with a lot of new experiences. One of them is shopping for groceries. Ever wonder how mom put so much food on the table? Here are eight tips to save money when buying groceries.

1. Apps

The running joke, “there’s an app for that” isn’t really a joke when it comes to food. There is an app for almost anything on any app store, including many money saving ones for shopping. There are rebate apps, coupons and lists for sale items. Check out store apps for Walmart and Target, and RetailMeNot.

2. Coupons

Coupons are everywhere — online, in the newspaper, in ads and on apps. The food industry is trying to help save its customers money, so take advantage. You can save a few extra bucks and buy something you always wanted. Or, you could save it to pay the bills.

3. Have a shopping list

Make a list and stick to it. Making a list allows you to plan what you want for the coming week without forgetting anything. It also will help you avoid buying a lot of junk food and other things you don’t need.

5. Eat before you go

Most impulse buys come from hunger. You are surrounded by food and think, “Oh. That looks good,” and suddenly there are three extra meals in the cart. Eat before you go to avoid overbuying.

6. Do-it-yourself

Sure, it is convenient to have pre-sliced pineapples or pre-made meals. It’s actually cheaper to get the item whole and cut it or make it yourself. In some cases, fresh may be more expensive. Pick the best deal and run with it to save yourself a couple of dollars at the grocery store.

7. Find those deals

Grocery stores don’t just give coupons. There are mass sales that go on too. These deals can be worthwhile and are a smart choice to get more bang for your buck. And the best part? They happen all the time. If you buy stuff ahead while it is on sale, even if you may not need it at the time, you will have it when it is not on sale later.

8. Cardinal Kitchen

Take advantage of this organization. Cardinal Kitchen is a student-run food pantry that both students and faculty can use. Students can receive free food and toiletries. Go to the Multicultural Center the last three Tuesday’s of every month and keep an eye on your Ball State email or the Ball State website for more information. Operations at Cardinal Kitchen might be affected by COVID-19 restrictions.


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