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<p>Dining halls on campus offer a variety of options from ramen to all you can eat buffets. Many are located in residence halls. <strong>Suzanne Clem // Photo Provided</strong></p>

Dining halls on campus offer a variety of options from ramen to all you can eat buffets. Many are located in residence halls. Suzanne Clem // Photo Provided

First-year students who live on campus have a meal plan and that means becoming familiar with the dining options Ball State has to offer.

The Daily News editorial staff, with assistance from our Twitter polls, took the time to rank each dining hall so you can stick to the good stuff.

Note: We did not rank stand-alone, chain locations like Starbucks or Quiznos. COVID-19 might affect usual services like buffets.

  1. Woodworth Commons
    Woodworth offers a variety of different foods such as ramen, salads, and sandwiches. Woodworth has the most variety of marketplace items and healthier options, many which are made to order. 
  2. Noyer Centre
    Noyer always has a lot of options. They have tons of comfort food, it’s own dessert station and a buffet. The dining staff is very friendly and people rarely regret what they buy when they go there.
  3. The Atrium
    Going to The Atrium is like eating at a real chain off-campus. With both fast food and healthy options available, it has great variety.
  4. Elliott Dining
    Elliott has the best selection and you’ll never have to dip into your dining plus. It’s just a little far from the rest of campus, but you can take your icecream to go. 
  5. Tally (Student Center)
    Apart from some comfort food, this dining center also hosts a Taco Bell and grill area. There is also a Starbucks located right next to it.
  6. Micro Café
    This eatery works best for grabbing a quick bite with its carryout items which include sandwiches, salads, pastries, snacks and drinks. 
  7. Bookmark Café
    Apart from great coffee and quick-meal options, there isn’t much variety at this dining location in Bracken Library. However, it’s still a good option for breakfast or snacks to fuel your study sessions.
  8. Tom John Food Shop
    This shop offers custom-made sandwich options. An adjacent grocery area offers grab-and-go items like snacks, frozen entrees, fruit cups and salads. While it has a great location, it lacks in variety and can get crowded easily.

New addition: North Dining
Ball State’s newest dining facility will make its debut this fall. It specializes in late-night and early-morning to-go meals. It will also house an allergen-free eatery and a custom deli, and have Italian and barbeque options and artisanal pastries.


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