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<p>Amazing Joe's restaurant Thursday, August 30, 2018 at 909 Wheeling Ave in Muncie, IN. <strong>Michaela Kelley, DN file.</strong></p>

Amazing Joe's restaurant Thursday, August 30, 2018 at 909 Wheeling Ave in Muncie, IN. Michaela Kelley, DN file.

Say what you will about Muncie, but people here know how to eat awesome food without breaking the bank. If you don’t sample these local offerings by the time you graduate, you may want to consider graduate school.

NOTE: COVID-19 restrictions might alter in-person dining options at these restaurants. Do keep an eye out for changes by following these restaurants on social media or contacting them directly.

Concannon’s Donuts

Walk into Concannon’s at 4801 W. Baker Lane and you’re met with the sweet smell of cookies, popcorn and chocolate. Employees always ask you if you want a box or a bag — it’s probably safe to just get a box.

Amazing Joe's Grill: Fugedaboudit Burger

Just off campus at the corner of Riverside and Wheeling avenues, Amazing Joe’s has a burger like none other: beef, onion rings, cheese, barbecue sauce, egg, fries, mozzarella sticks and bacon all on the same bun. Plan on asking for a to-go box.

Savage's Ale House: Grilled Cheese

You have to be 21 to go to Savage’s, but that’s probably for the best. It helps to limit how many of these incredible, mozzarella-stick-stuffed sandwiches you consume in four years.

The Cup: Bagel Sandwich

Walking distance from campus AND a Muncie classic, The Cup is one of the few places in Muncie to find a good bagel. Wash it down with a signature Dark Matter coffee.

Thai Smile: Red Curry

Choose your own level of spice and choose carefully. Thai Smile’s red curry is the perfect combination of flavors and always leaves you wanting more. Plus, its Tillotson location is a short walk from football games.

The Caffeinery Specialty Latte

Even a non-coffee fan can appreciate the sweet combinations found at The Caffeinery, located at 401 S. Walnut St. in downtown Muncie. Be sure to join the loyalty program — you get a discount after several visits.

Greek’s Pizzeria

A Muncie original, Greek’s is the place to go when your parents offer to buy pizza or when you just want a late night snack. For a more affordable taste of this awesome place, try the garlic butter breadsticks.

Puerto Vallarta Mexican Restaurant

With three different locations in Muncie, no matter where you are you will always be close to this Mexican restaurant. This Muncie staple is famous for having some of the best tacos and chimichangas. Not to mention everyone’s favorite meal, the IS Special, strips of chicken breast grilled and lavished with plenty of queso.

Victor’s Gyros & Pancake House

People might ask you, “What kind of food does Victor’s have?” The answer is pretty much everything under the sun. Don’t leave Muncie before trying the gyro and fries, but make sure to ask for the student discount.


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