Alternative ways to make money

<p>Making some money can be easy as donating plasma or selling old clothes. <strong>Photo Courtesy, Unsplash.</strong></p>

Making some money can be easy as donating plasma or selling old clothes. Photo Courtesy, Unsplash.

On and off-campus jobs aren’t the only ways to make some spare cash while in college. There are plenty of options for those who want more money, but not a full-time job.

Donate to BioLife

Donating your plasma to BioLife helps and could save someone’s life and you get paid for your donation. BioLife donors spend a little more than an hour about twice a week donating plasma. Frequent plasma donations to BioLife can earn donors a couple of hundred dollars every month, a nifty way to make some money. Additionally, during the COVID-19 pandemic, BioLife is accepting plasma donations if you have already had COVID-19. Antibodies developed by one’s immune system to help fight off COVID-19 might be able to help others.

Sell old clothes

Purging your closet can help you stay better organized and rid your closet of the pieces you don’t care about and may never wear again. Plus, you can sell those clothes online, at a garage sale or places like Plato’s Closet. The money you make can go to summer pieces or anything else you may want to buy.

House, pet or Babysit

These jobs usually aren’t too difficult, except for the major responsibility. Chances are they aren’t going to be full-time so you’ll still be able to do what you want. But wouldn’t it be nice to get paid to hang out with a dog or two? And for kids? According to, the average rate for babysitters is $16.25 an hour.

Freelance something you're good at

Are you good at fixing computers? Organizing things? Editing papers and reports? Put the word out there. Who knows? Someone may need a job done and will pay you to do it for them.

Make and sell crafts

Getting crafty can be fun and profitable. Go to Pinterest and find something that interests you. Chances are, you can get the craft supplies for cheap and make a profit off whatever you make. Etsy and local craft fairs are great places to sell your work, but don’t be afraid to post a picture on Facebook and see if friends and family want to buy as well.


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