New Year, New Me, right? 2020 is here and you’re ready to make commitments to yourself and to living better. Whether it’s spending more time studying or eating healthier, we all know that this year is going to be amazing! So, we at Ruler Foods have a few quick ways to help you achieve those goals.

· Eat Healthier at Each Meal – You know that pizza is bad, ramen is salty, and that running from class to class makes it hard to commit to eating a good meal even once a day, let alone 3 (sorry, mom). But making small goals can help you get there one step at a time. Add one serving of fruits or vegetables. Cut down on your caffeine intake (so that you sleep better at night). Drink more water. No matter what you add or switch, little changes can lead to big differences.

· Make Realistic and Intentional Goals – Setting resolutions you can hold yourself accountable to, like setting aside specific times to study or exercising, or preparing a healthy meal three times a week ensures that you don’t feel overwhelmed by your goals and give up on them. This also works for things like saving money. (We may be biased) but choosing to shop at Ruler Foods because the prices are low, and you know you’re getting quality groceries is much more specific than “saving money.”

· Simplify Your Life – For some, this might mean a deep-clean purge that rids your living space of anything you don’t need. However, don’t feel compelled to become a minimalist if that doesn’t sound like you. Sometimes it just means tackling basic tasks you’ve been avoiding or making things less complicated. Again, this may seem a little impartial, but you don’t need a loyalty card or coupons to get every day low prices at Ruler Foods. No need to fumble through your wallet or remember your parent’s phone number (which also means they won’t know how much you’re spending on food) or find coupons, and no need to use math to figure out which jar of peanut butter is the best value. Ruler Foods does all the work for you. Well, except bag your groceries, you’ll need to do that.

· Go Greener – Bringing your own reusable shopping bags can make a bigger impact than you think. Less pollution, animal safety, and reducing landfill because you’re not disposing of single use plastic are just a few of the reasons to consider making the switch. (Not to mention that they’re more durable and you can fit more in them.) 

· Keep Your Mind and Body Fit and Well-Rested – Being well-fed is important, but not when you’re hustling between classes and a job and study sessions. Carrying granola bars or fruit seems simple, but it’s easy to forget in the last-minute dash out the door when you’re running late. Preparing to eat something on those long days will not only help your mood, energy, and concentration, but it will also make you feel like your own superhero when you find that bag of peanuts or microwave popcorn at the bottom of your bag at midnight.

· Get a Side Hustle – Sometimes your course load leaves little room for much of anything outside of class, much less a part-time job or opportunity to earn money. But if you’re hard-working, enthusiastic, and enjoy hanging around people (and food), Ruler Foods is a great place to work, has lots of benefits (such as tuition reimbursement and discounts), and will let you save a little money for, well, more groceries.

At Ruler Foods, we’re also enthusiastic, hard-working, and enjoy hanging around people. We know that grocery shopping is one of the last things on your mind while at school but making commitments to yourself in 2020 should be top of mind. Hopefully these tips will help you survive winter and keep those New Years Resolutions intact at least until March… mid-February, at least. 

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