Donating blood can save thousands of lives – but at American Red Cross, we aim to do more and to be more than just donors. Part of saving lives is preparing for the unexpected, and because we know it is impossible to predict the future, we try to create it through our various training and certification courses!

Many jobs require up to date lifesaving skills because they address health emergencies every day. Healthcare providers, lifeguards, and babysitters are all examples of people who have the responsibility of another’s life in their hands. We want to make sure we provide the essentials needed to be successful! 

With a handful of training and certification classes, you can find the one to best fit your needs. Below is a list of the certifications we offer: 

• First Aid 

• CPR 

• AED 

• BLS/CPR for Healthcare 


• Babysitting and Childcare 

• Lifeguarding 

• Swimming/Water Safety

• CNA Training 

• CNA Testing 

• Instructor Training 

Once you know which certification is best for you, the process of getting started is quite easy! Follow the steps below to get started:

1. Go to our American Red Cross Website. There you will be directed straight to the homepage. 

2. Click on the Training + Certifications Tab. Located at the top of the page, three tabs from the left. 

3. Find the class or certification that fits best with your interest. There are over 10 different courses available. 

4. Find your closest training location. Muncie has multiple time slots for different training certifications available. 

5. Click the course and sign up! All of the training and courses have a cost attached to them. Majority of them cost around $100 or less. 

At American Red Cross, we also understand that without the necessary tools to save a life, it can be hard or even impossible to be successful. Which is why American Red Cross offers multiple life-saving supplies and products in the case of an emergency.

Take a look at some below: 

• Manikins and Lung Bags 

• AED Trainers and Pads 

• CPR Masks and Face Shields 

• Instructor Kits 

• Student Training Packs 

• Lifeguard Saving Equipment 

• Other Red Cross Items 

Our goal at American Red Cross is to be a multifaceted life-saving source for anybody and everybody. Don’t be afraid to be involved, you might just be the one to save a life one day! 

The next Blood Drive will be on Nov. 29 between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. at E.F. Ball Medical Center, and will be sponsored by Chi Omega. Walk-ins are welcome, or you can go to redcrossblood.org, use sponsor code “iusmmuncie” to schedule your blood donation appointment. When you donate blood, you’ll receive a free Culver’s custard print coupon and a Red Cross t-shirt!

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