Ubisoft has always been the dark horse when it comes to E3. They never have the all-out cringe quality like EA or pulse-pounding reveals like Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo. The French developer always finds itself in the middle tiers of the E3 grading pool right beside Square Enix. This year, Ubisoft’s biggest reveal of the afternoon may have been dashed weeks before by leaks, but “Watch Dogs: Legion” and a multitude of additional titles packed the hour-long program. If only those additional announcements could have been about the games that seem to be stuck in development hell instead.

The Lowdown

  • Watch Dogs: Legion
    • Pre-Alpha gameplay footage shows off an abundance of new features and story elements in the London setting including permadeath and a release of March 6, 2020
    • Players can recruit ANY Londoner straight of the street with unique attributes and talents
  • Ghost Recon: Breakpoint
    • A cinematic trailer featuring the title baddie Cole D. Walker (played by Jon Bernthal of “The Walking Dead”) explained more about who the ghosts will be facing off against in this new entry
    • A.I. companions are brought back for solo play and a beta comes a month before release on September 5
  • The Division 2
    • The first major content update for the tactical shooter comes in an episodic format beginning in July with new missions and gameplay experiences outside Washington D.C. including the National Zoo
    • Episode two is set for fall 2019 with a Pentagon reclamation and episode three in early 2020 features a manhunt mission mode in Coney Island
    • Along with a free week of play celebrating E3, “The Division” movie was announced for a future release on Netflix
  • Rainbow Six Quarentine
    • Three players facing off in tactical PvE battles against an unknown parasite
    • Early 2020

The Filler

  • Rainbow Six Siege
    • The thirteenth season, codenamed Phantom Sight, brings with it two new operators beginning June 11, 2019
  • For Honor
    • “Shadows of the Hitokiri” in-game event will become available on June 27 featuring a new map and a gameplay mode surrounding a Japanese paranormal legend
  • U Play+
    • Ubisoft announced the launch of PC live service U Play+ at $15 a month and will be coming to Google Stadia in September
    • The subscription-based platform will feature unlimited access to 100+ games from the Ubisoft library including DLC, classics and new releases

The Random

  • Mythic Quest: Ravens Banquet
    • Ubisoft is developing an episodic series for Apple TV+ staring Rob Mcelhenney and produced by the team behind “Always Sunny in Philadelphia”
    • The program follows a team of MMORPG developers navigating the trouble of releasing their first major expansion
  • Elite Squad
    • A new trailer for a mobile spec ops RTS game titled “Elite Squad” showed gameplay and appearances from multiple specialists across the Ubisoft universe including Sam Fischer
  • Roller Champions
    • A new sports title combing roller derby brutality and the goal scoring tactics of soccer was revealed under the name “Roller Champions”
    • The free E3 U Play demo also dropped for PC immediately following the show

The Predictable?

Ubisoft pushed its previously revealed titles hard at their E3 press conference this year but came up short where it really mattered. Fans did get to witness a true reveal of the latest Watch Dogs title and updates on live games such as The Division 2, For Honor, and Rainbow Six Siege, but there was never an overwhelming pay off for sticking to the end of the show like in years past. The last significant announcement was a small teaser for “God & Monsters”, a new title releasing on February 25 from the creators of Assassin’s Creed.

Sadly, games like Skull and Bones, Beyond Good and Evil 2 and most egregiously Splinter Cell were absent from the conference entirely. Between the impressive promises of Watch Dogs: Legion and lackluster new projects, Ubisoft was scraping the bottom of its barrel of content to tide fans over until possibly the 2019 Game Awards. But do not fret, Just Dance 2020 is coming in November, and YES, you can still play it on your dusty 10-year-old Nintendo Wii.

Image: Wikimedia