Ball State University students, college life is complicated. Whether you’re wrapping up your first year away from home, getting ready to graduate, or somewhere in between, learning to fend for yourself is one of many things you’ll learn during this time.

And grocery shopping can be complicated too! Not only is it a challenge to figure out what you need and how to pay for it, but loyalty card, coupons, and in-store deals make it feel like you should carry a calculator just to buy the basics.

At Ruler Foods, we know that buying groceries shouldn’t feel like trying to understand your GPA. We focus on making sure that every product we sell is quality and fresh, keeping our items at every day low prices, and helping you find what you need quickly so you can spend your time on more important things!

Our product lineup features Kroger brands, such as Simple Truth and Private Selection, and our meats and produce are the same ones you’ll find at any Kroger store. We strive to be eco-friendly and ask you bag your own groceries, and we’ll have you rent a cart. Because small changes in the way we do business help us pass that savings onto our customers.

And have you checked out our location at 3500 N Morrison Road? It was recen­tly remodeled to give you an even better shopping experience! We moved our meat and produce areas to the front, updated the shelving and installed new lighting, and expanded our product offering to include items our customers were requesting.

We’re so excited to be a part of the Best of Ball State survey and hope you not only vote for us but stop in today and see the ways we’re making it simple, smart, and fresh to shop at Ruler Foods. Like us on Facebook to keep up on all our great deals!

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