A note containing racial slurs and hateful language surfaced near Ball State's campus the morning of Sept 2.

A Twitter account with the handle "@DH_GoCrazy" tweeted a picture of a note that included racial slurs and a statement that said "go back to Afrikkka." The individual posting the photo, who does not list a name with the account, said on Twitter, "I think it's time for me to leave Ball State."

But, according to university spokesperson Joan Todd, the user is not a Ball State student and does not live on campus.

"We have been investigating and have learned that the poster is not a Ball State student and does not live on campus," Todd said.

Ball State's official Twitter account sent out this tweet in response to the incident:

The user first tweeted about the note at 1:34 a.m. on Sept. 2:

"Wow someone left this on my dorm step #BallState" 

In a response later that morning on the social networking site, the user corrected himself, adding that his home had been vandalized.

"I meant to put door step but I live right by kinghorn in them houses they busted my windows and threw eggs"

According to Todd, even though the individual is not enrolled at Ball State, UPD is still looking into the situation.

"As we have stated many times, we want everyone to feel safe and welcome at Ball State, and we have zero tolerance for such activities," Todd said. "We aggressively investigate any and all reports."

In response to the incident, the Student Government Association also put out the following press release:

"SGA would like to remind students that this directly contradicts the values of Ball State University, and that it is their responsibility to treat every individual with respect. SGA does not support the use of hateful and prejudicial language toward individuals and actively works to combat such activity in the university."

In the press release, SGA president James Wells also advised students with any information to come forward.

“This alleged action, if found to be true, is devastating, and it is disheartening to see it take place so close to home,” Wells said. “The Student Government Association does not condone this language or hateful attitude toward any group of students. It is currently being investigated and we encourage all students with any information to please report it to campus police, Muncie police or the Multicultural Center.”

The Daily News reached out to @DH_GoCrazy for comment and he declined. 

This story will be updated.